Sunday, December 27, 2009

Lakeshore House

I painted this over 10 years ago. It is an old abandoned farmhouse in Lakeshore, Utah (west of Spanish Fork). Back in high school this house had a reputation of being "haunted" so groups kids would go there to scare their dates on the weekend. I remember being in high school and some older kids took a group of us to see this "haunted" house at night. We must have been sophmores because we couldn't drive and we were so scared but couldn't turn back because we didn't want the older girls to think we were wimps. When we got older we made sure to pass the tradition on by introducing others to this "haunted" house.


Anonymous said...

I love that house. And I still believe that it is haunted.

Paul Creer said...

Seth, this is an awesome painting. It reminds me of the old house in Lake Shore that my Dad grew up in.

Marbar said...

Hey Seth, it's your cousin Marliett. This house belongs to my dads' moms' side of the family, the Larsens. They are still taking care of it. Kind of cool, eh.

Seth Ollerton said...

Hey, good to hear from you. I remember my mom telling me this house belonged to someone she knew. Small world.
I really don't think it's haunted.....right? : )