Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Maple Mountain Watercolors

I painted these watercolors of Maple Mountain in 2008. I think Maple Mountain is one of the prettiest landmarks anywhere. I painted these two pieces from the west fields of Springville, Utah looking east toward the mountain.

This painting is looking east toward Maple Mountain through some old farming rows in west Springville.

Looking toward Maple Mountain from the west fields of Springville.


Melinda said...

Seth, we just love your artwork. Thank you for the beautiful piece you did for our family. When I took it in to get framed, the people working there asked where I got it. They fell in love with it and were amazed when I told them that my brother in law had painted it. They thought it was bought at some gallery. You are awesome, and thanks for sharing your talent with us!

Kristi said...

Good to know that you would consider doing a commission piece - Andy and I are always saying to each other "I wish we could find a picture of....". Now we know where to get one done!! Hopefully we'll be in a new house soon and will have a bunch of walls to fill up!
Keep painting!

Seth said...

Actually it helps when someone comes to me and says, "I would really like a painting of (whatever)." It helps me get motivated to create something. Let me know if you have something in mind. Take care!

Anonymous said...

Seth, I love your paintings! They look amazing. I am trying to think of something that I can have you paint to put up in my house. I really like the maple mountain paintings.

Anonymous said...

seth this is really nice. looking forward to seem more of your talent!!!
chad nelson